Moving to Glascote has allowed us to expand our boat fitting services and be far more flexible around customer preferences. For some, it’s the one-stop-shop that appeals, where we can take you all the way from baseplate to button fender; for others, it’s about bringing us on board for a full or partial fit out of their choice of shell. Either way, they get that renowned Norton Canes quality from start to finish – woodworking, electrics, plumbing, engine fitting, and painting – and plenty of helpful advice, guidance and design input throughout the project.

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We use solid materials in our fit outs, and all our cabinetry is completely bespoke, hand-made and beautifully fitted, with as much care taken on the bits you can’t see as on those you can! We’re proud not to be a production line: instead we concentrate on a few customer-pleasing jobs each year, which is why you won’t see us at Crick – but you will see us from time to time being reviewed in the pages of Canal Boat magazine.

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