Norton Canes Boatbuilders specialise in painting Narrowboats to the highest standard using quality materials and paint to create a long lasting finish.

Unless otherwise requested by the customer all re-paints take the boat back to full bare metal above the gunwales, with all windows, ports, vents and accessories removed.

Two-pack paints

In our dedicated wet dock we prefer to spray two pack paints rather than single pack paints which are commonly used on Narrowboats, we use these paints as they have a number of advantages.

When two pack has cured it is harder than single pack paints and tends to resist fuel, acid rain, sunlight etc. much better than single pack paints, which oxidise and goes dull over a long period, or even develops a milky haze.

Two pack paints consists of different resins, made of acrylic and melamine (the proper title is Two Pack Acrylic Enamel). When you mix your paint, you add a second resin, or hardener, called Poly-isocyanate Resin. At this stage a chemical reaction takes place between the two resins which makes them harden. This eliminates the common problem of Micro blistering. Micro blistering is caused by moisture being trapped between various layers of paint. As two pack paints use a chemically drying process rather than an air drying process, micro blistering is not a problem that will occur.

Painting is undertaken in our purpose built centrally heated wet dock, which produces the ideal atmosphere in order to create the perfect paint finish.

Dave Moore (Waterways Craft Guild Master) is the yards resident signwriter, his work is highly regarded and he can undertake Signwriting, Traditional Decoration and graining work.