We have been gritblasting the hull and superstructure of our boats for over 20 years, the boats that we gritblasted all those years ago occasionally turn up at the yard. From our observations of the hull and superstructures, these boats are always in excellent condition and goes to show how important this process is to protecting the steelwork of your boat.

At Norton Canes we gritblast our new boats, but we can also gritblast the hull or both the hull and superstructure of your boat. We have a dedicated gritblasting shed where we can undertake this process.

When steel is produced millscale is left on the surface of the steel from the milling process, when paint is applied directly to millscale the steel is not protected sufficiently and the paint can be easily chipped, causing the surface to rust. Gritblasting removes the millscale from the surface of the steel and also leaves behind thousands of tiny pits in the steel which provide the perfect surface for primer coats of paint to adhere to.